Story Writing Prompts

The small seeds of creativity of your children can be stimulated to germinate and flourish into successful writing goals with our rewarding story writing prompts worksheets. Help the young writers of grade 1 to 5 unfold the layers of story writing and better their craft with a host of captivating themes picturing sea monsters, genie with a magic carpet, Halloween mysteries, aliens, adventure activities and many more.

Story Writing Prompts - Grade 1

Can a story writing prompt illustrating a princess in a castle with a witch and a fairy or a mermaid with a sea monster or a genie with a magic carpet, hold your first-grade kid's eagerness any longer from penciling fabulous stories?

Story Writing Prompts - Grade 2

Give food to the thoughts of your second grade budding author with some adorable picture prompts like a picnic with the family, the Easter Bunny and the Christmas Father riding his reindeer sleigh, for them to practice sentence writing skills.

Story Writing Prompts - Grade 3

Children of grade three will thoroughly enjoy this fantastic opportunity to compose the thrills of a train journey, the woes of a scarecrow or the fun at the beach side. Watch them come up with some really exciting stuff!

Story Writing Prompts - Grade 4

With our innovative picture prompts worksheets, you can effortlessly ignite the inquisitiveness in your fourth-grade young author into weaving a horror story of the Halloween pumpkin, an adventurous journey into space or just about a simple rainy day in New York.

Story Writing Prompts - Grade 5

Which child can resist from putting his own spin on our story writing prompts about the spaceship with aliens, the roller-coaster rides and the exhilarating parasailing? This is certain to shift the writing gears of Grade 5 writing enthusiasts to the topmost!