Letter O Worksheets

Our printable letter O worksheets usher in as much fun as learning for preschool and kindergarten children as they become conversant with the 15th letter in the English alphabet. In order for young learners to get an early advantage of knowing how letters are written so they start learning to pronounce words, mastering the alphabet as the foundation of our language is absolutely important. Now a burst of pedantic writing practice, now a surge of hilarious crafts, our letter O worksheet pdfs help children write, identify, and craft the letter O effortlessly. Our free letter O worksheets are a must-have!

Uppercase Letter O

Letter O Chart | Recognizing Letter O

Ooze oodles of letter O charm and confidence with this chart! Let your letter O practice be as fast as the ostrich, as fine as the olives, as rich as the orange, as layered as an onion, and as hooting as the owl.

Crafting an Owl | Cut and Glue

Orchestrate an opulent letter O activity while crafting the owl. Watch your hard work pay off as you cut the eyes, wings, beak, and talons and glue them into the letter O in an attempt to craft an owl.

Tracing Letter O

It's great to see how excitingly easy it's to trace the letter O. All there's to do is to start at the top and draw a full circle. The octopus and the owl, both overjoyed at being part of the O family, will tell you more.

Making Letter O with Cheerios

Pilot the little ones through a series of fun, playful crafts to help them to key into the letter O. This craft, which has them filling in their favorite chocolate loops to make the letter O, is at the forefront of the list.

Identifying Letter O

The orange is a juicy example of the letter O. In an attempt to boost their ability to identify the letter O, children find and color the oranges that have the letter O. Given how easy O is, this should be a cakewalk.

Tracing and Writing Letter O

We put a greater onus on the orange, a sweet-and-sour letter-O fruit, to deliver more letter O learning for preschool and kindergarten children. In this letter O worksheet, practice tracing and writing the letter O.

Lowercase Letter O

Lowercase Letter O Chart

If you are an avid collector of letter O pictures, which in turn will gift you with a host of letter O words, you will be pleased to have this chart. The pictures include animals, objects, and fruit that start with the letter O.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase O

Welcome back operating more letter O practice with an ox, a sturdy example of the letter O! Look at the sample letter O at the top of the page and simply get rolling by tracing and writing the letter O.

Uppercase and Lowercase O

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter O | Cut & Glue

Interestingly, many a favorite food starts its name with the letter O. Keep this in mind as you complete the cut-and-glue activity. Before you get started with the cut and glue, accomplish a writing the letter O task.

Painting Letter O with Pom Poms

Brought to life by a heart-stealing pom pom craft, this printable letter O worksheet provides preschool and kindergarten children with some great rest and relaxation. Let them color to their heart's content.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter O

The uppercase O in this coloring and tracing letter O pdf, is outstanding! The lowercase o, though only less than half the size of its large counterpart, is optimistic that people will use it far more in their writing.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase O | Cut and Glue

Look at the letter O cards at the bottom of the page, identify if each card contains an uppercase O or a lowercase o, and glue them on the correct vans. There will be two vans: a capital-O van and a small-o van.

Cursive O

Writing Cursive Uppercase O

Outperform your peers by writing the uppercase O in cursive in this printable letter O worksheet. Start at the top and draw a handwritten O shape. Return to the top and make a small loop on the right.

Writing Cursive Lowercase O

Mastery in cursive will not only make sending thank-you cards a fun affair, it will also enhance children's reading and writing skills. So leave no stone unturned as you practice writing lowercase o in cursive.

Further Practice on Cursive O

There's a lot more fervent letter-O action in this worksheet pdf than you think there is. Get down to writing the uppercase and lowercase O in cursive. Write 3 O words and 3 o words before you say you're done.

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