Letter P Worksheets

Our printable letter P worksheets are an extraordinary spectacle of creative crafts and colorful exercises which, thanks to their ease and diversity, equip preschool and kindergarten children to write and identify the uppercase and lowercase versions of the 16th letter in the English alphabet. Among the many activities that we are sure will have the young learners hooked are crafting the letter P, coloring the letter P using pom poms, and identifying pumpkins with the letter P. Experience firsthand all of this and a lot more with our free letter P worksheets.

Uppercase Letter P

Letter P Chart | Recognizing Letter P

Don't simply parrot the several words that start with the letter P in this chart, but utter them with thought and understanding. Watch the letter P spring to life in the form of a pizza, pineapple, penguin, pencil, and more.

Crafting a Panda | Cut and Glue

Switch gears between fun and learning as you complete this P-for-panda craft! Let children cut the parts and glue them into the letter P. Once the gluing is done to perfection, the letter P craft is complete.

Tracing Letter P

When you press the black and white keys on the "piano", it plays beautiful notes, giving this letter-P instrument a prancing bearing. This tracing the letter P worksheet is made after a piano and a parrot.

Making Letter P with Popcorn

P is back where it deliciously belongs - popcorn. Grab a bagful of popcorn and get excitedly stuffing it into the letter P. Continue to fill in more popcorn until you have given shape to the letter P using popcorn.

Identifying Letter P

You love the pumpkin for the delicious pumpkin pie, a great joy of autumn and a letter P staple, it gives you, don't you? Test how well you identify the letter P by coloring the pumpkins containing the letter P.

Tracing and Writing Letter P

Ladle out a "pearful" of letter-P practice to preschool and kindergarten children! To trace the letter P, they must start at the top and draw a line downward. They then return to the top and go around to the middle.

Lowercase Letter P

Lowercase Letter P Chart

Dish out more letter P words to preschool and kindergarten children, and this chart is perfect. Hands down, there's a lot for P learners and teachers alike to latch onto in this letter P worksheet pdf.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase P

As adorable as it is for its distinctive black-and-white coat, the panda is equally adorable for its role in helping children become P-savvy. The panda is the catalyst as kids succeed in writing the lowercase p.

Uppercase and Lowercase P

Uppercase and Lowercase P | Cut and Glue

Although there are many great items on the letter-P menu, it's hard to look past the pizza. Think P when you complete the cut-and-glue activity, which follows writing the uppercase and lowercase P.

Painting Letter P with Pom Poms

At once fun and yet instructional, this letter P coloring printable will have preschool and kindergarten children exploring colors and experiment with a new paint tool as they color the letter P.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter P

Persuade children to prepare well so they perfect their letter P. This printable letter P worksheet, dedicated to coloring, tracing, and printing the letter P, will set the classroom abuzz with activity.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase P | Cut and Glue

Let your letter P palette be a spectrum of colors! Identify the uppercase P from the lowercase P in this activity from our letter P worksheets pdf. Cut the Ps and glue them on the right/left side of the palette as relevant.

Cursive P

Writing Cursive Uppercase P

Because the brain works better with whole words than with single letters as we don't lift the pen off the page that frequently, cursive is an essential skill. So it's a must that kids write the uppercase P in cursive.

Writing Cursive Lowercase P

Cursive writing not only enhances the process of learning, it also encourages motor skills development. Do you need any more reasons to grab and practice this task on writing lowercase p in cursive?

Further Practice on Cursive P

Dedicate as much time and effort as it takes to help you refine cursive skills. In this worksheet, write the uppercase P and the lowercase p in cursive. Go full-circle by writing in cursive words that start with P and p.

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