First Grade Spelling Worksheets

Cast a spell on your peers and teachers alike by answering our printable first grade spelling worksheets. The ability to form words with the correct letters in the correct order comes first for the budding writers. If you're hoping to do well on reading and writing, you must learn to spell and develop a solid connection between the letters and their sounds. Go big on high-frequency words, or sight words, too. Now come in and sit a spell with our free 1st grade spelling worksheets pdf, chock-a-block with wide-ranging spelling-practicing activities. Welcome a pleasant learning spell with our free first grade spelling worksheets!

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Spelling Words List | Level A

This booklet takes on its shoulders the responsibility of giving you comprehensive spelling practice. Each week, you'll spell certain word types as well as get exposed to new sight words.

Unit A1 | Sight Words & -at Family Words

Bat your way to spelling success by writing the words in the word shapes and the on the lines. Remember spelling is mastered by writing and rewriting words. The sights words given are and, of, and the.

Unit A2 | Sight Words & -ap Family Words

We often wear the cap, a soft flat hat, as part of our uniforms. But can you spell "cap"? Go on to spell more -ap words, map, lap, and tap. Give yourself a clap as you boost your uptake of sight words!

Unit A3 | Sight Words & -ad Family Words

A glad Dad, rather than a sad Dad, is a huge prospect! Ace this spelling test of words that end with -ad! There are two clouds, one displaying the correct spelling. Color the correct cloud and write the word on the lines.

Unit A4 | Sight Words & -ar Family Words

Are you on a par with your spelling-proficient peers when it comes to spelling words that have -ar? Raise the bar with this part of our first grade spelling worksheets. The sight words include this, you, and that.

Unit A5 | Sight Words & -an Family Words

Can you find the -an words in this list more quickly than your friends? Not only do you identify and color all words having -an, you write them separately on the lines given. Don't forget to trace the 3 sight words.

Unit A6 | Sight Words & -ay Family Words

Today is the day when you play the spelling champ, all blithe and gay! First cut and glue the letters to form words with -ay. Then write the words on the lines. Trace the sight words before you call it a day.

Unit A7 | Sight Words & -ake Family Words

What's more delicious than being able to spell "cake" correctly? Look at each bucket and color the word that is correctly spelled. Use the lines to rewrite the words. The sight words here are do, said, and your.

Unit A8 | Sight Words & Silent-E Words

What's common between case and lace? They fall into a category where the name of the game is silent-e words. Use the two letters to complete each word. Write the word on the lines. Trace the sight words, too.

Unit A9 | Sight Words & -ed Family Words

This section of our first grade spelling worksheets level A is an unscrambling activity. Unscramble and write each given word on the lines provided. Part of the unscrambling fun is discovering three sight words.

Unit A10 | Sight Words & -et Family Words

Get set for yet another grade 1 spelling worksheet pdf where the task is for kids to color the three letters that make each -et word and then to write the words on the lines. Part B is tracing sight words like so, no, and go.

Unit A11 | Sight Words & -en Family Words

Give it up for words ending with -en as they get you excited about your spelling words skills! Use the picture and part of the word to find the word, and also rewrite a few sight words.

Unit A12 | Sight Words & -eam Family Words

In this spelling words worksheet for grade 1, the kids color the hexagonal cells of the beehive that have the rightly spelled sight words and words that contain -eam and write them on the lines.

Unit A13 | Sight Words & -ell Family Words

Grow a step closer to excellence with our spelling practice for grade 1. Scan the grid, circle 9 -ell words and write them on the lines. The sight words you learn include any, too, and why.

Unit A14 | Sight Words & -ea Family Words

Although the task in this printable first grade spelling worksheet is arranging a set of -ea words in ABC order, the inherent skill practiced still remains spelling. The sight words to be rewritten are if, her, their, and will.

Unit A15 | Sight Words & -ee Family Words

Desperate to meet Shaun the Sheep, Bumble the Bee is stuck at the other end! All you need to do to make this much-awaited meeting happen is color the shapes whose words contain -ee. Go -ee hunting for a cause!

Unit A16 | Sight Words & -ew Family Words

A stablemate of excellent spelling practice, this cut and glue pdf from our first grade spelling worksheets level A has kids swooning over -ew words. In the rewriting part, they add 3 new sight words to their kitty.

Unit A17 | Sight Words & -in Family Words

Whether it's the bin where you throw waste or the tin that you drink your soup in, it's raining -in words in this spelling practice for grade 1. Look at the pictures and write their -in names in the space given.

Unit A18 | Sight Words & -ip Family Words

The ship wants to set sail soon, but the captain is not in yet! How sorry! Don't worry though. Simply color the boxes that stand out with words containing -ip, and write the words. Trace three sight words in part B.

Unit A19 | Sight Words & -it Family Words

This apple tree will be sweetly cherished for a very long time, for it bears apples with -it words. Don't get tripped up if the words are incomplete, for the tree trunk has a supply of letters for you to choose from.