First Grade Spelling Worksheets

Cast a spell on your peers and teachers alike by answering our printable first grade spelling worksheets. The ability to form words with the correct letters in the correct order comes first for the budding writers. If you're hoping to do well on reading and writing, you must learn to spell and develop a solid connection between the letters and their sounds. Go big on high-frequency words, or sight words, too. Now come in and sit a spell with our free 1st grade spelling worksheets pdf, chock-a-block with wide-ranging spelling-practicing activities. Welcome a pleasant learning spell with our free first grade spelling worksheets!

Select Spelling Worksheets by Grade

Unit A20 | Sight Words & -ig Family Words

Enjoy a refreshing, uplifting unscrambling diversion, and this time it's a good stock of -ig words that keep you company. After you discover and write the -ig words two times, figure out and write the four sight words.

Unit A21 | Sight Words & i-e Family Words

It takes oodles of practice to spell words containing i-e! Make headway with this printable resource from our spelling worksheets for grade 1. Unscramble to know the words on the xylophone and write them as directed.

Unit A22 | Sight Words & -id Family Words

This 3-fold practice more than helps kick into shape the way you spell words with -id. Read the words, write the missing letters on the coins, and write the words anew on the lines. Watch your collection of sight words become renewed, too.

Unit A23 | Sight Words & -ick Family Words

Get a real kick out of the several ice-cream scoops so temptingly served in this worksheet! As you discover each -ick word and write it as instructed, you will make 10 wonderful attempts to improve your spelling skills. Let each attempt feel like your first!

Unit A24 | Sight Words & -op Family Words

The jar is emptied with great expectation, and a total of 12 jellybean flavors band together to give your spelling practice some real pick-me-up. Unscramble each word, and write it on the lines provided.

Unit A25 | Sight Words & -ob Family Words

If you haven't got your fill of the cut-and-glue pleasure yet, make up with this section of our first grade spelling worksheets level A. Read each word. Cut and glue the letters to frame the words. Write the words on the lines.

Unit A26 | Sight Words & -ock Family Words

Flock around this exercise to revive your -ock spelling skills! Recognize and color the -ock-word circles, write the -ock words on the lines, and trace the sight words. Learning spelling has never been this diverse! Go block, flock, clock, and on and on!

Unit A27 | Sight Words & -od/-ox/-og Family Words

Chasing rainbows is fine when it comes to perfect spelling practice! Sort the words in the word cloud into -ox, -od, and -og types, and write them on the correct ladder.

Unit A28 | Sight Words & -ot Family Words

The plot thickens with -ot words on board! A number of -ot words are given, and children find and circle these words. By the end of this worksheet, they'll have learned to spell 3-letter words like cot, got, and 4-letter words like trot, knot, and more.

Unit A29 | Sight Words & -oa Family Words

Barrel towards triumph in spelling -oa words with this worksheet! The good news is many an everyday word, including your favorite load and roast, are spelled with -oa. Color the -oa in the words and write the words. You spell 12 fresh words here!