Third Grade Spelling Worksheets

Our printable third grade spelling worksheets are all set to armor the young wordsmiths with superior spelling skills! Great spelling is key to confidence in all aspects of literacy, and kids must be taught to spell correctly and repeatedly so they are less likely to err while spelling words in which they choose between oi and oy; ed and ied; ar, er, and or for example. The practice in our third grade spelling worksheets pdf includes choosing correctly spelled words, determining when to double the consonant while forming the -ing form and past tense, and more. Our free grade 3 spelling worksheets with answers are jam-packed with practice opportunities.

Select Spelling Worksheets by Grade

Unit C20 | Sight Words & Double Consonants

The Rabbit Rule says if a word has two syllables, its vowel is short, and there's only one consonant sound between the first and second vowels, double the consonant in the middle. This worskheet's all yours!

Unit C21 | Sight Words Medley

There are 16 sight words given below, and the task for the children in grade 3 is to first find these words in the printable word search grid and then to write them on the lines. The words include young, idea, welcome, and many more.

Unit C22 | Sight Words & -ship Family Words

We can't resist the urge to call this the flagship of this set of third grade spelling worksheets. As you have most likely guessed, you're asked to make fresh words by adding -ship to the given words.

Unit C23 | Sight Words & -ly/-ally Family Words

What strikes you about the words safely and normally? They are special as they are spelled with ly and ally. Decide if the words take -ly or -ally, and complete them.

Unit C24 | Sight Words & -ous/-ious Family Words

Are you a studious child, joyous when putting your industry at the service of spelling words that contain ous and ious? Add ous/ious to each word, write the new word in the space given, and you'll be victorious.

Unit C25 | Sight Words & -self/-selves Family Words

Unscramble the words and write them on the lines provided. There are both sight words and -self/selves words. As you spell common words like "important", practice spelling "yourself", "ourselves", and more.

Unit C26 | Sight Words & -fy Family Words

There's a beautiful magic that words with -fy spell! In this 3rd grade spelling worksheet, you learn to spell words like "beautify" and "magnify". What's more, the words must be unscrambled first.

Unit C27 | Sight Words & ty/ity Family Words

Never doubt your ability to produce quality work when it comes to spelling ty/ity words! Sort the words into words that end with -ty and those that end with -ity. Write the words in the column where they belong.

Unit C28 | Sight Words | Mixed Bag

Put the letters together to make words and write the words in the space given. It won't pose much of a challenge to combine the letters and make words like "both", "story", "cabin", and "tree", but it won't be the case with every word.

Unit C29 | Sight Words & Compound Words

The star together with a fish makes a starfish. The party is not over yet! The fish goes on to make a fishbowl joined with a bowl. Treat yourself to a feast of compound words like flashlight, lighthouse, rainbow, bowhead, and more.