Third Grade Spelling Worksheets

Our printable third grade spelling worksheets are all set to armor the young wordsmiths with superior spelling skills! Great spelling is key to confidence in all aspects of literacy, and kids must be taught to spell correctly and repeatedly so they are less likely to err while spelling words in which they choose between oi and oy; ed and ied; ar, er, and or for example. The practice in our third grade spelling worksheets pdf includes choosing correctly spelled words, determining when to double the consonant while forming the -ing form and past tense, and more. Our free grade 3 spelling worksheets with answers are jam-packed with practice opportunities.

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Unit C30 | Sight Words & Prefixes un/dis/re

Unlock your spelling potential with this exercise of prefixing each word with un-, dis-, or re- and writing the newly formed word in the blank. Let the young spellers of grade 3 expand their vocabulary knowledge by spelling these words.

Unit C31 | Sight Words & To Be Contractions

Just as we express deep gratitude to contractions, we are profoundly thankful to the apostrophe for making the contracting job happen. Check the option that has correctly shortened the two words. Continue your good spell at this contracting exercise!

Unit C32 | Sight Words & -able/-ably Family Words

Let your progress in spelling be considerably noticeable! Certain words, ending with -able/-ably are given. Find the words in the grid. Make new words adding -able and -ably to the words. Write the words.

Unit C33 | -ful/-fully Family Words

Get a list of nouns and churn out adjectives and adverbs by adding -ful and -fully to them, like in this part of our printable third grade spelling worksheets. For example, take the noun "beauty" add ful and write "beautiful"; add fully and write the adverb "beautifully".

Unit C34 | Sight Words & VCCV Words

Among the sight words that make the spelling practice in this activity heftier are words such as lesson and contest. Unscramble the VCCV words. Break the words into syllables after writing the words as directed.

Unit C35 | Sight Words & VCV Words

Pilot is a v/cv word because it has an open first syllable that ends with a long vowel sound, which is not the case with lemon. This 3rd grade spelling worksheet pdf has a lot more to it than just spelling practice.

Unit C36 | Sight Words & Travel Words

You love to travel, don't you? How well can you spell travel vocabulary words? Can you write luggage, passport, and airport without error? In this printable spelling worksheet, grade 3 kids choose the rightly spelled words.

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