6th Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Our printable writing prompts worksheets for grade 6 will get the young wordsmiths instantly going! Children will never experience writer's block and will kick-start their creativity to write engaging narratives, reports, and essays. Challenge kids with writing tasks that require critical thinking and implementing writing techniques. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas through selecting and organizing relevant content. Use appropriate transitions and domain-specific vocabulary. Grab our free pdf 6th grade writing prompt worksheet and the others will soon be on your wish list for sure!

How Is Life in an Igloo?

How do igloos keep you warm in the worst winter conditions? Interesting, isn't it? Narrate how life in an igloo would be like. Support your claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

Look before You Leap

Opinions differ on whether we should carefully consider the consequences before doing something or we should be daring and adventurous. Write an opinion essay explaining your point of view.

Baking a Birthday Cake

In this printable 6th grade writing prompt worksheet, write step-by-step instructions on how to make a birthday cake. Include details of what ingredients to use, too.

Endangered Animals

Write a research report on animals that are in danger of being harmed or lost. Gather information from multiple print and digital sources; quote or paraphrase the data to avoid plagiarism.

Book Report 6

Which book did you read recently? Write the title and author's name. Besides providing a summary, describe the story setting and main events. Do let us know more about your favorite part in it.

Story Prompt 1

A room at your grandmother’s, which is always locked, is open one day. Write a story about what happened next. An excellent opportunity for grade 6 kids to express themselves through writing.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is a major concern, and many believe the best way to address this is to ensure as many people use public transport as possible. Write if you agree. Provide reasons and examples.

Riding a Bike

It's important for children to learn how to ride a bike because it not only helps them move out independently, it also makes them more responsible. In this 6th grade pdf, write how to ride a bike.

Niagara Falls

This printable writing prompt asks kids to prepare a research report on Niagara Falls. Provide the basic bibliographic information of the sources you use. Draw evidence to support reflections.

If I Won a Jackpot

We all dream about winning a jackpot someday! Imagine you won a huge jackpot - one that's worth $1,000,000! What would you do? Write a narrative to develop this imagined experience.

Social Media

Social media has come a long way since it began! For example, it offers an incredible chance to meet people. Write a research report on websites that allow people to communicate with each other.

Story Prompt 2

The oldest form of written composition, story writing is an art. In this writing prompt pdf worksheet for grade 6, write a story about what was inside a mysterious package that was on your doorstep.

Technology in Classroom

While technology makes learning easy, it also helps make life more enjoyable. In this part of our writing worksheets for grade 6, write if you agree with this statement. Provide evidence.

Retelling the Story with a Twist

This printable writing prompt is fun! The main character of your most loved story has stepped out. Write what happened next. Use narrative techniques, such as dialogue and description.

Story Prompt 3

This part of our 6th grade writing prompt worksheet pdfs is a story about life with aliens. Help yourself gain significant literary momentum through this creative exercise! Leave your readers craving for more!

If I Were a Zookeeper

You are greatly concerned about animals and their welfare. Write what you would do to protect the animals if you were the zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo for a day. What steps would you take?