8th Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Gain access to our printable writing prompts worksheets for grade 8 and learn to write pieces that both express and impress. Get scads of practice in each of your writing territories like narratives, reports, and essays. Produce well-extended, organized, style and tone-appropriate, and idea-rich essays with a variety of sentence structures. Write to inform, persuade, or entertain. Develop and strengthen writing by planning, revising, and editing. Write both over extended time frames and shorter time frames for a range of discipline-specific tasks and purposes. Enjoy part of this amazing creative experience with our free 8th grade writing prompt worksheet!

Story Prompt 1

Time capsules tell many untold tales of the past! In this grade 8 writing prompt pdf, write a story with the theme of a time capsule. Let your story help readers see the world in a new way!

Waste Management

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Children must learn these words early on, for they hold the key to effective waste management and environment protection. Explore and write a research report.

Books Made into Movies

Some people say when books are made into movies, it's more fun. Others feel the book experience would still be better than the movie experience. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Career Day

In this printable 8th grade writing prompt worksheet, write about your favorite job. Write an expository/explanatory text to examine the topic. Be sure to select, organize, and analyze relevant content.

Book Report 6

Use this exciting writing prompt worksheet to ensure children are still at their book-reviewing best! Let them shed light on the setting and present the main events in the story.

A Childhood Memory

In this lovely pdf writing prompt worksheet for grade 8, narrate one of your childhood memories. Use relevant descriptive details and well-structured event sequences. Use varied narrative techniques.

Video Games

Are video games a sport? Write a well-extended essay where you state your ideas and offer evidence for your arguments. Enhance your critical-thinking skills and be able to communicate seamlessly.

Working as a Team

People do well by cooperating with one another! Write an essay by developing the topic with relevant, well-chosen facts and concrete details. Remember to clarify the relationships among ideas.

Coral Reef

In this printable writing prompt worksheet for grade 8, write a research report on ways of protecting coral reefs. Build and present knowledge by drawing on several sources. Paraphrase to avoid plagiarism.

Conquering Your Fears

In life we often become nervous about things, but most of the time we manage to conquer our fears. Write a narrative of one such instance. Develop the experience using dialogue and description.

Space Station

Why should we explore space stations for scientific research and development? Gather the required information from print and digital resources. Follow a standard format for citation.

Story Prompt 2

What was the strange noise you heard while you were happily feasting around a campfire? In this pdf 8th grade writing prompt worksheet, kids write a scary story, and in the process warm up to the horror genre.

Ideal TV Time

The big question about kids watching TV is how much TV is too much! Develop and write an opinion essay. Organize the reasons logically. Let topic sentences preview what is to follow.

Animals Endangered

Dig deep into an animal that is on the verge of extinction. Write a clear and coherent essay by appropriately developing and organizing your ideas. Plan and revise your writing.

Pet Animal

When was the last time your pet animal made you feel proud? Narrate in this printable writing worksheet for grade 8. Use precise words and phrases. Include descriptive details and sensory language.

Story Prompt 3

This 8th grade writing pdf worksheet is about deep-sea treasure hunting. Write a story. Craft an inviting story opening. Describe the setting and characters effectively. Write natural, convincing dialogue.