5th Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Although writing can be intimidating for children, it will hardly feel so when they are in the company of our printable writing prompts worksheets for grade 5. Provide kids with the knowledge and skills required to meet the writing proficiency standards at this grade level. Watch them employ various transiional words and phrases and write increasingly complex, multiple-paragraph narrative, reports, and essays. Change the style and techniques for different types of writing, such as narrative and expository and practice different writing conventions. Our free 5th grade writing prompt pdf worksheet works great as a starter.


Interestingly, a submarine can travel both above and below the surface of the sea. This part of our printable writing prompt worksheets for grade 5 tasks you with writing about submarines.

What's Your Idea of Vacation?

Whether it's visiting the family, going camping or hiking, or going to amusement parks, people like doing different things for the vacation. Explain how you would like to spend your vacation.


Scientific studies say that daydreaming is not as bad as many think it is. Write about a recent time when you traveled on the wings of fantasy. Put your narrative skills to use and write a story!


Snowboarding is not only a thrilling activity, it's also a great workout. In this 5th grade writing prompt worksheet pdf, write step-by-step instructions for someone who's keen to learn snowboarding.

Book Report 5

Good readers don't just read a book; they share how they liked the book, too. Write about a recent reading experience. Include a summary. Explain the setting and your most loved character.

Story Prompt 1

This grade 5 writing prompt worksheet is a science fiction set in space, and there are extraterrestrials adding gravitas to the plot. You might need to use facts and embellish them with fantasy.


There are few blessings as wonderful as having siblings. This can sometimes be annoying, though. In this exercise, write what the pros and cons of having siblings are.


Are you a stupendous sandcastle master? In how many steps do you build an impressive sandcastle that stands out from the rest? Write to expose in this printable 5th grade writing prompt worksheet pdf.


A strong and dangerous wind, a tornado can be devastating beyond our imagination. In this printable grade 5 writing worksheet, prepare a research report on tornadoes. Write the resources you used.

Mode of Transport

How do you like to get around where you live? Do you often use a car, do you ride a bike, or do you simply walk? Write to describe it in this highly relevant worksheet. Use of transitional words and phrases.

Story Prompt 2

Theme parks will never cease to fascinate children! In this part of our 5th grade writing prompts pdf worksheets, write a story inspired by the rides, games, and food at your favorite or ideal park!

Ocean or Space?

Although it would cost an arm and a leg to explore space, it's important to do so. The oceans are worth experiencing, too. If you had a chance, where would you explore: space or oceans?


Perhaps the most fun thing about a grasshopper is that it's an important source of protein. In this printable, gather more such information about grasshoppers and put it into a research report.

Trading Places

Because it allows you an opportunity to be in someone else's position, trading places with people can be a hoot. In this writing practice, grade 5 kids tell who they want to trade places with.

Story Prompt 3

Have you had a chance to parasail? Chances are you have or you're soon going on a parasailing trip with your siblings or friends. Write a story where parasailing action takes center stage.

Slumber Party

As well as being a fun tradition, slumber parties are a rite of passage of growing up. How do you host a slumber party? What are the important tips? Explain in this 5th grade writing prompt pdf worksheet.