4th Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Ease children into the process of writing with our printable writing prompts worksheets for grade 4. Aside from writing captivating stories, arresting narratives, and excellent research reports, children also get used to articulating their opinions and preparing expository pieces - writing that seeks to explain or inform using domain-specific vocabulary. There is a wealth of material to help familiarize kids with writing book reports, so they know how to describe the main characters, story setting, and more. Get started with our free 4th grade writing prompt worksheet!

Halloween Pumpkin

Whether you're having a Halloween party or you're setting the mood for trick-or-treaters, you must know how to carve a pumpkin. In this grade 4 writing prompt, explain the process of making a Halloween Pumpkin.

City, Country, or Suburb?

While a city has its thrills like restaurants, sights, and sounds, the countryside excites with its quiet and bustling community life. Where would you like to live in: the city, country, or suburb?


It was the California Gold Rush that inspired the introduction of the railroad in the United States. Since then, the country has radically changed. Write how the railroad changed life in America.

Favorite Color

The fact that the rainbow is replete with colors makes it a huge favorite. There are 7 colors in a rainbow, but there are more colors out there. In this 4th grade writing prompt pdf, narrate your most loved color.

Easter Egg

Using egg dye is the usual Easter tradition. How would you decorate your Easter eggs and what steps do you follow? Do you go traditional, do you decoupage them, or do you do something else?

Book Report 4

Book reports are children's little endeavors to exhibit their taste in books. In this pdf grade 4 writing prompt worksheet, choose a book, write what it's about, introduce its characters, and discuss its main events.

Story Prompt 1

Here's the picture of a Halloween haunted house. Write a scary haunted house story after reading which the bravest of your brave friends will feel a chill running up their spine. Happy haunting!

Indoor or Outdoor?

Some people consider spending time indoors boring, but some like it as they can relax and be with their loved ones. In this printable 4th grade worksheet, write where you would like to spend your free time.

Endangered Species

Many animals have vanished from the Earth, and many are on the verge of extinction. Present a research report on an endangered species. Do this grade 4 exercise with domain-specific vocabulary.

Best Friend

Friends are the ones who will keep by your side in pleasure and pain. Having good friends makes life twice as worth living. In this writing pdf worksheet, let us know about your best friend.

Book Report 5

This printable 4th grade writing prompt worksheet is a little more profound. Introduce your favorite character and write why it's so, explain where the story is set, and finish with a brief summary.

Story Prompt 2

Rain or shine, the New York City never fails to entertain! Write a story about the last time you visited the city and it rained, but you still had a great time doing tons of fun things.

Spicy or Sweet?

The thought of cakes and cookies can make many children salivate. Some kids have a predilection for spicy food. In this grade 4 pdf exercise, write if you like sweet or spicy food.

Global Warming

Few problems are more alarming than global warming. In this printable 4th grade writing prompt, prepare a research report on global warming. Mention which resource you used and write a summary.

Flying Horse

You've most likely read about Pegasus, the immortal flying horse from Greek mythology. In this 4th grade worksheet, pretend that you are a flying horse. Narrate where you would fly and what you would do.

Story Prompt 3

Imagine you were part of a team that was on a space expedition. What stood out for you on the space? Were there times when you wished you had been there much earlier? Tell us the story!

Recycle Plastic Bottles

Often we use a plastic bottle and drop it into a bin after use; few people care what happens to it afterward. Explore the steps involved in recycling plastic bottles. Use relevant vocabulary and write an expository piece.