3rd Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Our printable writing prompts worksheets for grade 3 prepare the young authors to write effective pieces across the board. Introduce a topic confidently and support your points of view. Write opinions and research reports on a range of topics. Allow for your narrative skills to grow, and practice selecting and organizing content in expository/explanatory writing. Use the book report tasks for exposure to rating books, delving into characters, and writing summaries. Write stories to prove your creative genius. Part of this goldmine of 3rd grade writing prompt pdfs can be accessed for free!

Raining Candies

Imagine it's raining candies! There would be so many candies that you would be spoiled for choice. Write how it would feel like when it's raining candies. Incorporate narrative elements.

Water Cycle

Water is always changing states between liquid, vapor, and ice. The water cycle, or the hydrologic cycle, is an exciting study. Here's a 3rd grade writing prompt pdf where kids write a research report on the topic.

Magic Watch

Do you fancy possessing a magic watch? What would you do if you had one? Would you set the time as you please and astound everyone? Write exciting details to imagine the experience.

Tree House

Tree Houses are great for recreation, and they also make a nice hangout space. In this printable writing prompt worksheet for grade 3, describe how you would build a tree house in your backyard.

Book Report 3

A book report tells how you enjoyed reading the book. In this 3rd grade pdf writing exercise, rate the book, write a short summary, and share six new words you learned from the book.

Story Prompt 1

Have you experienced waiting at a railway station? Write a story that has a railway station for its setting. Use your own past experience and spice it up a little bit to write an interesting story.

Wild or Captivity?

Are animals happier when they are at the zoo or when they are in the wild? Write an essay to make your opinion clear. Support your answer with 3 reasons. Write a conclusion.

Classroom Rules

Classroom rules are pivotal for a functional and successful classroom. What rules are followed in your classroom? In this 3rd grade writing worksheet pdf, tell why it's important to follow these rules.

Louis Armstrong

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential artists jazz history has ever seen. He was born in 1901. Prepare a research report on Louis Armstrong.

Recess at School

Is your recess long enough? Do you get to enjoy outdoor and unstructured play as you please? In this printable writing prompt worksheet for grade 3, kids write if they like to have a longer recess.

Book Report 4

Practice being a literary critic with this pdf worksheet! As well as writing the names of the book and author, shed some light on its characters and setting. Do share the main events in the book.

Story Prompt 2

Scarecrows have existed since the time of the Egyptians. This writing prompt is a farm with a scarecrow in it. Let the budding writers develop a story and add characters to it.

Name of America

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci. Is it ok for the country to continue to be named so or should it be named after Christopher Columbus? Write reasons to substantiate your points of view.

Lincoln Memorial

A must-see for every visitor to the nation's capital, the iconic Lincoln Memorial is built to honor Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. president. Prepare a research report on Lincoln Memorial.

Favorite Subject

There is nothing as satisfying as spending tons of time to master your favorite subject! What subject do you like the most? In this writing prompt pdf, describe why you like this subject.

Story Prompt 3

Let grade 3 kids write a story that is set on a beach in this printable writing prompt worksheet. Use the picture to kindle your imagination. Give a big shot in the arm to your story-telling chops!

Ice Cream Sundae

Sundae is one of the most loved ice cream-based desserts in the United States. Do you know what toppings to use in it, though? Explain it in this printable 3rd grade writing prompt worksheet.