1st Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Our printable writing prompts worksheets for grade 1 give the fledgling writers reams of brilliant practice to hone their writing chops with! There are tasks on story writing, expository writing, informative writing, and argumentative/opinion writing. Teach kids to name a topic, supply some facts about the topic and give some sense of closure. Encourage collaborative writing so 1st grade children get used to composing informational texts by understanding syntax and vocabulary and organizing their ideas coherently. Access to some of these 1st grade writing prompts worksheets is absolutely free.

My Favorite Pet

Animals and kids thrive in each other’s company. Greatly comforting, pets easily warm up to their human friends. In this 1st grade writing prompt pdf worksheet, kids write about their pet animal.


Kids never miss an opportunity to build a snowman. Not only is it fun, it also fosters creativity. In this printable writing prompt worksheet for grade 1, explain how to make a snowman step by step.

A Day at the Park

It's fun being pushed on the swing or being cheered for as we climb the playscape or come down the slide. Share with us how it felt when you visited the park in this writing prompt pdf worksheet.


To write effective research reports, gather as much relevant detail as you can about the topic. Explore the butterfly and write about its habitat, diet, and physical features. Record some fun facts.

Fill in the Blanks Story - Passage 1

Stories make our imagination soar. In this printable pdf, the young story-tellers of grade 1 complete a story about Baby Bird. Look for keys, such as an action word or a place, so the task is easy.

Story Prompt 1

Few things are more rewarding than helping kids hone their literary craft early on! There's a castle at the heart of the plot, and there are the prince and the princess. This 1st grade pdf lets your imagination fly!

My Favorite Ice Cream

President Washington spent around $200 for ice cream during the summer of 1790. Ice cream is a favorite of kids and adults alike. Scribe your thoughts about your favorite ice cream flavor.

Magic Wand

It was the Greek writer Homer who first wrote about magic wands! What would you do if you had a magic wand? Take your time and pen it in this writing prompt pdf for grade 1.


Brevity and relevance are the ultimate characteristics of a good research report. Set the budding writers a research report writing task on eagles. They may take help from adults for quality.

A Boat Ride

Many of us have our most cherished memories on the water. Not entirely devoid of challenges, boating is awesome when done right. In this 1st grade writing worksheet, explain your first boat-riding experience.

Book Report 1

Book reports challenge children to think critically about a book. In grade 1, though, kids are simply asked to write the book's and writer's names and briefly explain where the story is set.

Story Prompt 2

The world of the sea never ceases to amaze with its great variety. Write a story set in the sea, with characters like the sea monster, the seahorse, and more. Impress with your choice of words!

My Favorite Pastime

Every child likes to spend their leisure time in pursuit of something creative! Choose which of the topics – fishing, reading, and flying a kite – appeals to you and explicate why it is the case.


Lions inspire awe with their sheer power and strength! Write what type of animal a lion is and what food it eats. Explore the animal's physical features and write a few interesting facts about it, too.

A Visit to the Farm

A farm might mean endless chores, but the simple charm of an American farm is hard to beat. When was the last time you visited a farm? What animals did you see there? What things did you do?

Fill in the Blanks Story - Passage 2

Don't miss out on this opportunity to prove your story-completing prowess yet again! Read the story; fill in the blanks using the keywords provided and your creative faculty. A fun worksheet pdf!


S'mores are as American as apple pie. The ultimate campfire treat, s'mores are sweet, warm, and gooey. In this 1st grade writing prompt printable, give step-by-step instructions on how to make s'mores.

Fill in the Blanks Story - Passage 3

Your writing genius is back where it most belongs – the beach. Keep an eye for the keywords below each blank – a describing word, action word, or place. Read again when you're done filling in.

Story Prompt 3

Challenge the blossoming talent to write a story using the pictures given in this printable writing prompt worksheet for grade 1. With the characters ranging from a genie to a magic carpet, this pdf has great room for writing intrigue.