2nd Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

With our printable writing prompts worksheets for grade 2 around, every child can dream and aspire to be a good writer. Kids become adept at recounting events with details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings. From opinion writing to narrative writing to research report writing, we cover it all. There are tasks in expository writing, book report writing, and story writing too. Your choicest words will now serve you better! Read the prompts carefully, observe the pictures if there are any, and take help and support from peers and adults if needed. Get some of these 2nd grade writing prompt worksheet pdfs for free!

Book Report 2

Which book did you recently read? Let us know how you liked it. Talk us through its important characters. In this 2nd grade printable, write a summary and explain which part you liked the most.

Story Prompt 1

How often do you have a picnic in the park? What do you choose for your moveable feast? This grade 2 writing prompt worksheet is to recount events with details and write a story about a family picnic.

Like or Dislike Snow?

Kids mostly love snow because it's smooth and fresh. But not all kids are fascinated by snow. In this exercise, write if you like or dislike snow. Flesh out your answer with reasons.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The pleasure of heading to a bakery and eating chocolate chip cookies fresh and hot out of the oven is great! Here's a writing task where you describe how to make chocolate chip cookies.


Have you ever imagined waking up as a mermaid? What things would you do? How would you use your magical and prophetic powers? Write a narrative piece in this pdf grade 2 writing prompt worksheet.


Also called a woodchuck, the groundhog is a giant North American ground squirrel. Produce a research report on the groundhog. Say which online and offline resources you used. Write key points.

Fruit and Vegetables

Some kids refuse to let the tiniest bite of a vegetable or fruit cross their lips; some love them for being crunchy. Pen your opinion about fruit and vegetables. Write reasons for your answer.

Christmas Tree

Americans have decorated Christmas trees for a very long time. The tradition is to decorate them with lights and reveal them on Christmas Eve. In this 2nd grade pdf, tell step by step how to decorate Christmas trees.

Benjamin Franklin

A delegate to the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was one of the foremost of the Founding Fathers. He was witty and wise. Prepare a research report on Benjamin Franklin.

Fun Bus

The Fun Bus tour is great! The entertainment on the bus and street is awesome. Express your thoughts, actions, and feelings, write how you would spend an hour on the bus. Write an introduction and conclusion.

Book Report 3

It's time to write yet another book report! Don't stop at writing the title; share six new words you learned. Mention how many stars you would give it? Attempt to write a summary, too.

Story Prompt 2

Old Santa Claus with much delight, His reindeer drives this frosty night. Write a story about reindeer teaming up with the legend of Santa Claus. Get inspired by the image. Write a title for your story.

Board Game

Board games teach kids about the importance of teamwork. They are a great way to unplug, too. Tell what your favorite board game is. Support your answer with three solid reasons in this pdf worksheet.


The sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn is adorned with many beautiful ringlets. In this printable 2nd grade writing prompt worksheet on Saturn, first state the resources you used. Write key points.


Do you look forward to the warmer weather, or is fall your favorite season? Do you prefer an autumnal climate, or does a winter chill exhilarate you? In this writing task, explicate your favorite season.

Story Prompt 3

Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are two Easter traditions that have been around for centuries. Look at the picture, put your imagination and knowledge to play, and write a story.

Mother's Day Craft

Who doesn't want to surprise their mom with a one-of-a-kind handmade gift for Mother’s Day? In this 2nd grade writing worksheet pdf, write what Mother's Day craft you like and how you make it.