Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheets

Practice joining clauses with our printable coordinating conjunctions worksheets for grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 kids! The acronym FANBOYS helps remember these glue words easily. Coordinating conjunctions are used to join words, clauses, or sentences of equal importance, while subordinating conjunctions are used to connect a dependent clause to an independent one. Find loads of exercises to identify coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions, and to tell them apart. Track your conjunction attainment with our free coordinating conjunctions worksheet pdfs with answers!

Underlining Coordinating Conjunctions

When was the last time 1st grade kids learned coordinating conjunctions in the company of a butterfly? Identify and underline the coordinating conjunction in a bunch of sentences in this worksheet on coordinating conjunctions.

Choosing Coordinating Conjunctions

What's more pleasing than a birthday party full of coordinating conjunctions! Check correct coordinating conjunctions to complete a set of sentences that describe the joy and mirth of a birthday party.

Matching Coordinating Conjunctions

"For" denotes a reason while "yet" introduces a surprising fact. Match the clauses on the left to the coordinating-conjunction elements on the right. Let kids do this task at their own pace.

Coordinating Conjunctions Chart | FANBOYS

Learn the seven coordinating conjunctions with this printable coordinating conjunctions or FANBOYS chart. Know the seven coordinating conjunctions for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so up-close and read through the example sentences.

Coordinating Conjunctions | Cut and Glue

Kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade will greatly enjoy this coordinating conjunctions worksheet! Add to their repertoire this activity! Cut and glue coordinating conjunctions to complete sentences.

Completing Sentences Using Coordinating Conjunctions

Roll out coordinating conjunctions in style! Use one of the seven coordinating conjunctions: FANBOYS and complete each sentence. Take a look at how these conjunctions connect words, phrases, or clauses of equal importance.

Combining Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions

With coordinating conjunctions correctly used, your sentences will never feel undercooked! Children in grade 1 rewrite each pair of sentences combining them using an appropriate coordinating conjunction.

Subordinating Conjunctions Chart

Boost your practice with our printable subordinating conjunctions chart! An easy-to-memorize definition for subordinating conjunctions and a collection of frequently occurring subordinating conjunctions make it a compulsive-print.

Underlining Subordinating Conjunctions

If subordinating conjunctions, such as "until" and "before", didn't exist, connecting clauses would be a nightmare! In this subordinating conjunctions worksheet, underline the conjunction that joins the dependent and main clause.

Completing Sentences with Subordinating Conjunctions

Unless children have a good grasp of subordinating conjunctions, their conjunctions expertise is never complete. Direct students in 3rd grade to complete each sentence using a correct subordinating conjunction from the word box.

Combining Sentences with Subordinating Conjunctions

The subordinating help given by since and whereas is just as great as the coordinating help offered by but and or. Watch children rewrite sentences combining them using the subordinating conjunctions given in this task.

Is That a Coordinating or Subordinating Conjunction?

Our subordinating or coordinating conjunction worksheets are proof for how conjunctions knit clauses together. Identify conjunctions and write CC if they're coordinating and SC if they're subordinating.

Underline Subordinating & Circle Coordinating Conjunctions

Kick learning into full gear with our coordinating or subordinating conjunctions worksheet pdf! Help kids in grade 2 and grade 3 underline the subordinating conjunctions and circle the coordinating conjunctions.

Identifying Subordinating & Coordinating Conjunctions

When you start the sentence with a subordinating conjunction, use a comma after the first clause. In this printable coordinating and subordinating conjunctions exercise identify, the type of conjunctions and differentiate between them.

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