Correlative Conjunctions Worksheets

With our printable correlative conjunctions worksheets with answers grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 children morph into grammarians. Correlative conjunctions are conjunctions that always come in pairs, such as "either-or" and "both-and". Offering a host of engaging exercises like identifying correlative conjunctions, completing sentences using correlative conjunctions, finding the equivalent elements of correlative conjunctions, our correlative conjunctions worksheets are a handy catch-up if you have missed out on this key topic. Try our free correlative conjunctions worksheets for a starter.

Underlining Correlative Conjunctions in Sentences

Never stop clamoring for more practice of correlative conjunctions! Task 4th grade and 5th grade children with reading a set of sentences and identifying the correlative conjunctions in them.

Choosing Correct Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions prepare 6th grade kids to frame top-of-the-line complex sentences. In this worksheet on correlative conjunctions, let them complete each sentence with an appropriate conjunction pair from the parentheses.

Correlative Conjunctions - Chart

Not only are correlative conjunctions a learner's delight, but they open the door to tremendous sentence-play. This printable correlative chart has a nice list of commonly used correlative conjunction pairs with example sentences.

Completing Sentences with Correlative Conjunctions

"Neither-nor" helps connect two negative alternatives. In this pdf, children in grade 4 and grade 5 complete each sentence using a suitable pair of correlative conjunctions from the ones in the mitten-box.

Checking Correlative Conjunctions That Complete Sentences

Advanced users of English can use a range of correlative conjunctions with ease and accuracy! Get children busy checking the correct pair of correlative conjunctions to complete each sentence in this pdf.

Framing Sentences with Correlative Conjunctions

Few tasks are more effective in proving your fluency in correlative-conjunctions than writing sentences using correlative conjunctions. Team up with the young scholars as they write and correlate!

Identifying Correlative Conjunctions & Equivalent Elements

In "either a movie or a concert" both "movie" and "concert" are equally involved in the process, or they're correlated by either-or. Children identify the correlative conjunctions and their equivalent elements in this exercise.

Choosing Correlative Conjunctions from the Word Box

This part of our correlative conjunctions practice worksheet pdfs has some great practice top-up for grade 6 students! Complete each sentence using a suitable correlative conjunction from the word box.