Letter H Worksheets

Hurray! Our printable letter H worksheets are yours for the taking. Let loose your hankering to practice and identify the letter H. A compilation of fun ideas and exercises that help preschool and kindergarten children hone their letter H skills beyond measure, our letter H worksheet pdfs are H practice at its best. Part of the party is crafting the letter H, coloring and tracing the uppercase H and the lowercase h, and making the letter H with hearts. Our free letter H worksheets are no less awesome than the rest of the collection!

Uppercase Letter H

Letter H Chart | Recognizing Letter H

Here's a hot and happening printable letter H chart, abuzz with words starting with the letter! A perfect resource for children to get the hang of the letter H, and to grab letter H words.

Making a Horse from H | Craft

The horse that shows you to this letter H craft is hysterical! Leap in and first cut the several parts on the next page and then glue them into the letter H. You're ready to rock and roll with a horse-shaped letter H craft.

Tracing Letter H

This tracing the letter H exercise is a hopeful and heartening experience! The hopes of learning soar high, and the joy of masterfully tracing the letter H is in the air. Get hold of it to outshine your peers!

Making Letter H with Hearts

Have a heart-to-heart chat with preschool and kindergarten children as you task them with completing a letter H craft using hearts. Each heart that goes into the making of this craft pounds with its love for the letter H.

Identifying Letter H

The hat is an exciting letter H hotspot! This pdf from our letter H worksheets is agog with hats, some of which display the letter H. Direct the budding alphabet learners to look around and color the hats with H.

Tracing and Writing Letter H

Because a horse is majestic and symbolic of heroism, it's been rightly chosen to represent this letter H activity, where children are instructed to trace and write the uppercase H. A letter H triumph will shine through!

Lowercase Letter H

Lowercase H Chart

The highlight of this letter H chart is the hot dog, which delectably escorts children into this printable letter H worksheet. Adding to the fun and excitement is a hippo, a hose, a hammer, and a house.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase H

Watch this helicopter ferry you to the letter H safety so you trace and write the lowercase h hammer and tongs. Start at the top and draw a straight line downward. Draw a curved line down from the middle.

Uppercase and Lowercase H

Uppercase and Lowercase H | Cut & Glue

Call this pdf the pick of the litter, for it has ample letter H practice. Start by writing the uppercase, go on to write the lowercase h, and ring down the curtain with a cut-and-glue activity.

Painting Letter H with Pom Poms

Hammer home the letter H the pom-pom way! Let preschool and kindergarten children get busy painting the letter H using the color of their choice. Dip the pom poms into the paint and color H and h.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter H

Not only do preschool and kindergarten kids press on to have a bash at coloring the letter H in its two versions: uppercase and lowercase, they also have a shot at tracing and printing the uppercase and lowercase H.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase H | Cut and Glue

Explore how this house-themed cut-and-glue printable differentiates between the uppercase H and the lowercase h. Cut out the letter cards, identify if they are uppercase or lowercase, and glue them appropriately.

Cursive H

Writing Cursive Uppercase H

Cursive writing is worth spending oodles of time perfecting, especially if it's to do with the uppercase H. Seat the child properly and let them hold the pencil correctly so writing H in uppercase cursive is effortless.

Writing Cursive Lowercase H

Host a cursive party with this exercise on writing the letter H in lowercase cursive! Begin with an upward stroke that loops rightward just before reaching the upper line, and then complete it by drawing an n.

Further Practice for Cursive H

The beauty of cursive writing has wonderfully been boiled into this worksheet. With cursive H practice assuming four times the power and pizzazz, this resource is the kind of worksheet cursive fans will cherish.

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