Letter J Worksheets

Jazz up your alphabet learning with our printable letter J worksheets! Greet J, the tenth letter of the English alphabet, with befitting courtesy. Our letter J activities are a dream combination of fun and creativity that make practicing the letter J a jubilant affair. Whether it's drinking a glass of their favorite juice or wearing their most-loved jeans, the letter J is never too far away from preschool and kindergarten children. Write the uppercase and lowercase J, complete jaunty letter J crafts, and more. Jump-start the ride with our free letter J worksheets.

Uppercase Letter J

Letter J Chart | Recognizing Letter J

Juice up the letter J time with this J chart pdf! Grab seven words that start with J, including jar, jelly, and jet. That's not all. The centerpiece of the chart is the letter J, the capital or uppercase J, that blows you away.

Crafting a Jellyfish | Cut and Glue

Craft your way through the letter J with this bright-eyed jellyfish, a jaw-dropping example of the letter J! Cut the parts on the next page and glue them into the letter to complete this jocund letter J craft.

Tracing Letter J

Juggle the pleasure and work that jiggle around the letter J with this tracing J worksheet. Draw a line downward from the top and curve at the bottom. Return to the top and draw a line across.

Making Letter J with Jelly Beans

While we're sure these small, brightly colored, bean-shaped candies will have you salivating, we urge you to pay attention and neatly stack them into the letter J. A letter J brimful of jelly beans is tempting indeed!

Identifying Letter J

Thanks in no small part to the jugs that flaunt the letter J, this identifying the letter J worksheet is a joy! Instruct preschool and kindergarten children to sift through the jugs and color those with a letter J.

Tracing and Writing Letter J

Let your letter J be as engaging and praiseworthy as any of your peers! Keep at it and continue to enhance your skill to trace and write the letter J, both big and small, and this letter J worksheet pdf helps.

Lowercase Letter J

Lowercase Letter J Chart

Bounce into this printable letter J chart jam-packed with J Words, full of the joys of spring! Slip into the jeans, gorge on the jelly beans, and drink some juice. Don't ignore the jug and jellyfish, both important J-wise.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase J

Writing the lowercase j is the most straightforward thing in the world! This is how it's done. Start at the middle, draw a line downward, and curve it at the bottom. Go back to the middle and make a little dot.

Uppercase and Lowercase J

Uppercase and Lowercase J | Cut & Glue

Improve and master the letter J for a lifetime so you won't need to look back! First write the uppercase J and then show your smarts by writing the lowercase j. Call it a day by cutting and gluing the letter J pictures.

Painting Letter J with Pom Poms

It's playtime in this printable letter J worksheet! Pom poms are a versatile bunch; this coloring J activity using pom poms is extremely creative and will get children expressing their letter J talent bang-bang.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter J

Watch a capital J and a small j ready to give you some letter J mentoring! Look at the two Js closely before you start doing the task, which is coloring, and tracing, and printing the uppercase J and the lowercase j.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase J | Cut and Glue

Here's a letter J occasion where preschool and kindergarten children's talent to separate between the lowercase J and uppercase j is tested. Cut the letter J cards, classify them as capital and small, and glue correctly.

Cursive J

Writing Cursive Uppercase J

It might look like there's quite a process involved in writing the uppercase J in cursive, but it's not that bad. If you know the importance of mastering the cursive letter J, you will go the extra mile to nail it.

Writing Cursive Lowercase J

Let the dynamic learners go cursive with this pdf on writing the lowercase j in cursive. Have them filling each row with cursive lowercase js, for every shot at cursive counts and helps go a long way.

Further Practice for Cursive J

If you aren’t content with your letter J cursive yet, grab this exercise. First write the uppercase J in cursive and go on to prove your cursive-J chops by writing the lowercase j. Write three words each starting with J and j.

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