Letter K Worksheets

The activities in our printable letter K worksheets are a killer! Help preschool and kindergarten children key into the 11th letter in the English alphabet with tons of ebullience. Encourage the little letter scholars to cast around and make a list of objects whose names start with the letter K, so you'll find them unleash oodles of K creativity as they step up their game by answering our letter K worksheet pdfs and completing our letter K crafts. Direct the budding learners through the joy of writing and identifying the uppercase and lowercase K with our free letter K worksheets.

Uppercase Letter K

Letter K Chart | Recognizing Letter K

Don't think the kite is just a plaything that amuses children for a while and whose fun dwindles as they grow up! Kite's a kinetic means of teaching the letter K. The good news is this chart's full of such words.

Crafting a Koala | Cut and Glue

The koala that's at the heart of this letter K cut-and-glue activity is worth getting lost in! Cut and the parts and glue them on the letter K to complete this fun task. We bet you would want more such fun!

Tracing Letter K

The word "king" is a whole new K possibility, so is the koala! Set children a task of tracing the letter K in this section of our letter K worksheets. Give them step-by-step instructions on how to trace the letter K.

Making Letter K with Kites

Add bells and whistles to your letter-K practice by cutting the kites and gluing them on K! Take a memorable letter-K flight riding on these kites, buoyed by the K energy. Add yet another word to your K collection.

Identifying Letter K

Scan through all the kettles and scout out the ones that have the letter K. Every time the preschool and kindergarten child hits the nail on the head by identifying and coloring the letter K, the letter K smiles.

Tracing and Writing Letter K

Continue to chalk up letter K victories one after another! This time get yourself happily tracing and writing the letter. Remind yourself of the directions on how to write the letter K so you do a good job.

Lowercase Letter K

Lowercase Letter K Chart

Keep the letter k in good shape with a printable chart! The likes of the kangaroo and kettle, stacked into this letter K worksheet, make the introduction to the letter a most effortless experience.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase K

The pleasure of witnessing the transformation of preschool and kindergarten children into commanding letter K heroes is beyond words! This tracing the letter K pdf is absolutely crucial to the process.

Uppercase and Lowercase K

Uppercase and Lowercase K | Cut & Glue

Hit the height of your letter K preparation by doing a lot in a short time! Write the letter K in uppercase and write the letter k in lowercase. Observe a set of pictures to cut and glue the ones that start with K.

Painting Letter K with Pom Poms

Take the pack of pom poms in your craft closet and let it shine with some letter K work! Color the uppercase and lowercase K using pom poms in this letter K printable for preschool and kindergarten children.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter K

Watch K senior and k junior together provide a perfect letter K learning experience in this coloring and tracing K worksheet! Take a look at the uppercase K and the lowercase k before you get started and complete the pdf.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase K | Cut and Glue

Instruct children to sort the letter k into uppercase and lowercase Ks and glue them correctly. On the side, let them know that the capital K is used at the start of a sentence or a proper noun. Otherwise use the small k.

Cursive K

Writing Cursive Uppercase K

The cursive uppercase K is sheer brilliance! The trick to have children going all out writing K in cursive and develop an urge to excel in cursive writing is to fill them in on the importance of mastering cursive in life.

Writing Cursive Lowercase K

Stir up the cursive practice by learning how to write the lowercase k in cursive! Just to give you a heads-up, gaining confidence in the cursive lowercase K is not all that easy, so spend extra time working on it.

Further Practice for Cursive K

However much you practice cursive, it's not too much. Start by writing the uppercase K in cursive and gear up by writing the lowercase k in cursive. Indulge in a cursive treat by writing a few K words and k words.