Letter L Worksheets

Luxuriate in the fun that our printable letter L worksheets have reams of! Leisurely leaf through the learning and entertainment lovingly packed into our letter L worksheet pdfs for preschool and kindergarten children. Whether you’re a teacher browsing for fresh letter L ideas or a parent keen to lighten the mood while teaching the letter L, you'll find our giant set of letter L exercises lively and lovable. Enjoy picking and choosing what suits your requirements from our letter L resources. Our free letter L worksheets are lush letter L practice in themselves!

Uppercase Letter L

Letter L Chart | Recognizing Letter L

Watch children wax lyrical about the letter L, the letter that lies in words like lion, lobster, lemon, and lollipop. As soon as they kick-start their letter L practice, encourage them to keep this chart for quick reference.

Crafting a Lion | Cut and Glue

The letter L owes a great deal of its majesty and power to the lion which, hands down, renders the letter with utmost enthusiasm. Why not feel this for yourself by completing this letter L cut-and-glue craft?

Tracing Letter L

Not only does the letter L signify the ferocity of a lion with success, it symbolizes the innocence and sweetness of a lamb with ease. The lamb, along with the log, spices up this tracing letter L activity.

Making Letter L with Leaves

Continue to leap ahead with our worksheets, for there is many a crafting activity and compelling exercise awaiting. Here, you enjoy the pleasure of completing a craft by cutting the leaves and gluing them on the letter L.

Identifying Letter L

A worksheet that's lit up with lamps is a paradise for L learners! No wonder, the young-but-determined learners will go gaga as you task them with identifying and coloring lamps that contain the letter L.

Tracing and Writing Letter L

Climb up the ladder, perfecting your letter L skills! This section of our letter L worksheets has the child tracing and writing the letter L, so equip them with the directions required to complete the worksheet.

Lowercase Letter L

Lowercase Letter L Chart

Lounge on this letter L chart, made luscious with the lettuce. The ladybug and the lizard, both starting with L, make the chart interesting. The leopard, the most luminous of all L words, takes center stage.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase L

Have you even been told all it takes to write a letter is to simply draw a straight line down from the top? If not, this is how you write the lowercase l. If writing the lowercase l is not child's play, then what is?

Uppercase and Lowercase L

Uppercase and Lowercase L | Cut & Glue

Love the letter L for the one word it breathes life into: life! Gallop through by adding to your L-letter words, and this pdf helps. Before you do a letter L cut-and-glue activity, write the capital and small versions of L.

Painting Letter L with Pom Poms

Learning that has the most marked effect on preschool and kindergarten children is learning that's play-based! What better tools to play with in the letter L lessons than paints and pom poms! Color the letter L using pom poms.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter L

Like it or loathe it, you can't escape the lure of the letter L, as presented in this section of our printable letter L worksheets! Once you can't but give in to the charm of L, color, trace, and print the capital and small L.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase L | Cut and Glue

This activity from our letter L worksheets gets children telling the uppercase L apart from the lowercase l. Direct them to cut the L cards, recognize whether each L is uppercase or lowercase, and glue it on the correct log.

Cursive L

Writing Cursive Uppercase L

Teach preschool and kindergarten children how to write the uppercase L in cursive step-by-step. Demonstrate the process until they find their feet around it. When they finally do, let them answer this pdf.

Writing Cursive Lowercase L

A printable that exudes bags of cursive energy, this writing the lowercase l in cursive worksheet will soon take off as children's favorite! Try this cursive l worksheet right away and experience this hands-on!

Further Practice in Cursive L

Be in pursuit of mastery in cursive L, for doing so betokens stellar preparation. In this worksheet, write the capital L and the small l in cursive. Write words that start with uppercase and lowercase L in cursive.

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