Letter R Worksheets

Our printable letter R worksheets are as resplendent as a rainbow and as ravishing as a rose! Watch preschool and kindergarten children vehemently rehearse for success in the letter R, the 18th letter in the English alphabet, using our letter R crafts, activities, and exercises. Instruct the young learners to write, identify, and craft the uppercase R and the lowercase r. There's tremendous practice that feeds into building children's skills in cursive R too. Race past your peers and refresh your R energy on the back of our free letter R worksheet pdfs!

Uppercase Letter R

Letter R Chart | Recognizing Letter R

The resounding cheers that will reverberate through the house as you display this letter R chart will be a spectacle to watch! Giving company to a beautiful R are Letter-R pictures like a rocket and a rainbow.

Crafting a Rabbit | Cut and Glue

Children will rave about the rabbit that lends part of its worth to this cut-and-glue craft. They're going to cut the many parts and carefully glue them into the letter R so an amusing rabbit-inspired R craft is complete.

Tracing Letter R

Get the growing stars tracing R to perfection with this letter R worksheet. Tell them to start at the top, draw a straight line downward, return to the top, draw a curved line around, and draw a diagonal line down.

Crafting Letter R with Paper Strips

While being a source of fun, this letter R cut-and-glue craft, done with white paper strips cut out and glued on the letter R road, also helps the young R learners get used to the three strokes they'll make to write the letter R.

Identifying Letter R

Watch your letter R rocket gracefully arc into the sky of alphabet learning, as you answer this identifying letter R task. Many rockets in this pdf have the letter R; the job's to identify and color all such rockets.

Tracing and Writing Letter R

Experience the safari thrill of seeing a rhino unexpectedly lumber into your view in this section of our letter R activities, where you keenly observe the R model given, to trace and write the letter R.

Lowercase Letter R

Lowercase Letter R Chart

Watch how many letter-R pictures are vying for your attention in this printable chart! Thanks to the fast-moving rocket, the ready-to-act robot, and the happy-to-gorge on-a-carrot rabbit, this chart is an R delight.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase R

The rose radiates all the relish and rapture associated with the letter R. So tracing the lowercase r, by starting in the middle, drawing a line down, and going back and around to the right, is a pleasant affair.

Uppercase and Lowercase R

Uppercase and Lowercase R | Cut and Glue

Cruise through the three parts of letter R practice in this section of our letter R worksheets. Get started by writing the uppercase R, pick up speed by writing the lowercase r, and finish with a cut-and-glue activity.

Painting Letter R with Pom Poms

It won't take any persuasion for parents to convince their preschool and kindergarten children to try this exercise. The very idea of coloring the letter R using pom poms will have the tiny tots instantly charged up.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter R

The letter R practice is ready to rock and roll with this letter R worksheet! Be sure to give preschool and kindergarten children instructions on how to trace the uppercase R and the lowercase r.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase R | Cut and Glue

Be proud as kids come of age to separate between the uppercase and lowercase Rs at a glance. Once they've cut the R cards and sorted them into big and small, let them glue as directed in this printable.

Cursive R

Writing Cursive Uppercase R

Take your penmanship from decent to great with this cursive exercise, which caters to the uppercase R. Remember, if you practice and develop a particularly good penmanship, you will go a long way.

Writing Cursive Lowercase R

Although ours is a world where everything is digital, cursive writing is important as it stimulates the brain in ways that typing cannot. This writing lowercase r in cursive pdf revives the art of cursive writing.

Further Practice for Cursive R

Go full-on perfecting your cursive R! Enhance the skill by first writing the uppercase R in cursive, and up your game by writing the lowercase r in cursive. Better yet, write words starting with R and r- all in cursive.

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