Letter S Worksheets

Sing an ode to the letter S with our printable letter S worksheets for preschool and kindergarten children! Scoop up words that start with the letter S, and surpass your peers with a splendid show of S. Score big by successfully completing our rich and varied letter S crafts and pdf exercises, and join the S stalwarts by writing and identifying the uppercase S and the lowercase s. Say hello to the spectacular cut-and-glue crafts that strive hard to keep your letter-S in superb shape. Seize the free letter S worksheets in this collection for a great start.

Uppercase Letter S

Letter S Chart | Recognizing Letter S

The letter S sun has risen! The sheep and the snake are admiringly gazing at the shapely S, and so is the squirrel. The S words that spice up or sweeten this letter S chart are as diverse as the letter S itself.

Crafting a Snake | Cut and Glue

While an everyday snake will most likely terrify you, but the letter-S snake is sure to bewitch the little ones. Cut the parts and glue them on S to complete this craft, where the snake is camouflaged as the letter S.

Tracing Letter S

By having preschool and kindergarten kids trace S and the curvy lines that make it, you'll help substantially develop their fine motor control. This section of our letter S worksheets practices tracing the letter S.

Making Letter S Using Stars

Starry and therefore splendiferous, this pdf from our letter S worksheets is crafting the letter S using stars. No matter what quality of a star fires you with enthusiasm, its letter-S quality is going to dazzle you.

Identifying Letter S

Watch the spider spin its S web as you identify the letter S. Rather than letting out a squeak of fright at the sight of spiders, not one or two but a battalion of them, you'll enjoy finding and coloring spiders with letter S.

Tracing and Writing Letter S

Your preschool or kindergarten child is a shoo-in to pass this test of tracing and writing the letter S! Ask them to put on the letter-S shoes and not to take them off until they're self-sufficient about the letter S.

Lowercase Letter S

Lowercase Letter S Chart

Soup up letter-s practice with yet another scrumptious printable chart! The soup will comfort you; get some warmth from the sun, and hide away from the snake. Do slide down the structure before you say "cheerios".

Tracing and Writing Lowercase S

S or not S, school is where you go to be educated. Open the door to stupendous success in S by tracing and writing the lowercase s. You can't take your eyes off this great S-learning school, can you?

Uppercase and Lowercase S

Uppercase and Lowercase S | Cut and Glue

Before you identify the pictures whose names start with the letter S to cut and glue them as directed in this worksheet, surprise yourself with some practice in writing the uppercase S and the lowercase s.

Painting Letter S with Pom Poms

Take your S time and manifest your best letter-S talent yet by coloring the letter S with pom poms in this exciting S activity for preschool and kindergarten children. Read the direction carefully before you dive in.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter S

When the saucy, sassy S scholars saunter into this letter S activity and satisfy their S quest by coloring, tracing, and printing the 19th letter in the English alphabet, you're treated to a sensational S spectacle.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase S | Cut and Glue

In this pdf, the letter S, both the capital and small S, is desperately waiting to board the ship and get sailing soon. If you can sort the S cards into capital and small and glue them correctly, it will immensely help.

Cursive S

Writing Cursive Uppercase S

The reason why cursive letters are almost always connected together is that it makes writing quicker and easier. Support and supply the young writers with enough practice on writing the uppercase S in cursive.

Writing Cursive Lowercase S

Give a big shout-out to this letter S worksheet, where you will savor every second of writing the lowercase S in cursive. Follow the instructions on how to write the small letter S in cursive.

Further Practice for Cursive S

This printable letter S worksheet is a tribute to cursive S. Write the uppercase S and the lowercase s in cursive. Write six words, three starting with S and the other three with s, in cursive.

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