Letter D Worksheets

Our printable letter D worksheets are a favorite companion that preschool and kindergarten children would never want to part with! Get acclimatized to and enjoy identifying and writing the letter D, the fourth letter in the English alphabet, with adorable activities. Regardless of what pace your child learns at, they will benefit from our letter d worksheet pdfs, a bunch of exercises that are fun enough to address their amusement needs and prolific enough to cater to their learning requirements. Practicing writing will now be breezier and more promising than ever with our free letter D worksheets!

Uppercase Letter D

Letter D Chart | Recognizing Letter D

D belongs to your dog as much as it does to your doll! Make the most of a full-scale D surrounded by a number of words starting with the letter D in this chart! Identify the letter D with a bravura like never before!

Letter D Craft

When preschool and kindergarten kids snip their way through this letter D activity by cutting and gluing the several parts, sweetly scattered on the next page, they will form a letter D, which would look like a cute little dog!

Tracing Letter D

Write the letter D in two stages. Start at the top line and make a line down to the base line; return to where you started and go around to the bottom. Trace the letter D with a deer and dinosaur, both starting with D.

Making Letter D with Colorful Dots

It's that time of letter D practice when the experience exceeds the expectation! Craft a letter D using dots. A super-fun activity that will help enhance children's fine motor skills and visual perception!

Identifying Letter D

Helping the letter D practice switch into full gear is a dear duck, which has just laid a number of eggs some of which contain the letter D. Children are expected to identify and color the letter D eggs.

Recognizing and Writing Letter D

Watch how kids are consumed by letter-D raptures as they first set eyes on this huge D in a bid to figure out how the letter D appears and go on to steal the show by the writing the letter D with all guns blazing.

Lowercase Letter D

Lowercase D Chart

Allow for the letter D to bask in the excellent introduction this replete-with-your-loved-animals chart gives it! Filled with images whose names begin with the d sound like dove and donut, this chart is a must-have!

Tracing, Writing, and Printing Lowercase D

Although it's true that writing the lowercase d is not as big a ceremony as writing its uppercase counterpart, it's not entirely a cakewalk! Ask preschool and kindergarten children to trace and write the lowercase d.

Uppercase and Lowercase D

Writing Uppercase and Lowercase D | Cut & Glue

This task from our printable letter D worksheets is a 3-in-1 bonanza! First write the uppercase D, then write the lowercase d, and end the activity by cutting and gluing the pictures whose names start with D.

Painting the Letter D with Pom Poms

Admire preschool and kindergarten kids' superior fine motor and sensory processing skills as they color the letter D with pom poms in this pdf, which includes painting both the uppercase and lowercase D.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter D

D radiates the purity of a diamond and symbolizes the peace associated with a dove! This printable letter D worksheet is coloring uppercase and lowercase Ds and tracing the two versions of the letter.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase D | Cut and Glue

Butterflies have never been more loved! Watch two bright letter D butterflies steal the limelight as children cut the Ds, sort them into uppercase and lowercase, and glue them onto the correct butterfly.

Cursive D

Writing Cursive Uppercase D

Funnel children's energy into a brilliant writing the letter D in cursive uppercase act! As they have probably already seen, they will need to practice big-time to ace writing the cursive uppercase D as in this pdf.

Writing Cursive Lowercase D

Mastery in writing D in lowercase cursive betokens a stellar learner! Observe that the difference between the lowercase cursive letter d and the lowercase handwritten d is the small tail at the stem of the letter.

Further Practice for Cursive D

Don’t run short of practice in cursive D! Whether you’re seeking after material to work your way up in cursive by writing the letter D in cursive or you’re excitedly casting around for D words to go cursive, it’s all here.

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