Letter E Worksheets

Snowball your uptake of letter E words with our printable letter E worksheets, which include a vast collection of activities and exercises that allow you to practice the fifth letter in the English alphabet the way you desire. Whether it's saying a heartfelt hello to the letter E; crafting the letter E using cheerios, proving your letter E chops by writing its lowercase or uppercase versions with flair; or coloring the letter E with pom poms, preschool and kindergarten children will hold dear our letter E worksheets pdf. Kick-start your practice with our free letter E worksheets.

Uppercase Letter E

Letter E Chart | Recognizing Letter E

As much as fun, this printable letter E chart is carried on the power of a galaxy of letter E stars, including an Eskimo, egg, eraser, and more. Surrendering to the charm of the letter E is the only way forward!

Letter E Craft Activity

Get the sweetly energetic champs agog with curiosity and excitement as you direct them to cut the trunk, eyes, and ears of the elephant and glue them into the letter E to steal a march on their fellow learners.

Tracing Letter E

Few letters are more immersive and intoxicating than the letter E. Let children practice tracing the letter E, starting with a top-to-bottom downward stroke followed by the shorter upper, middle, and lower bars.

Crafting Letter E with Googly Eyes

These googly eyes spread some much-needed cheer amidst this hectic spell of long E practice! Arrange the googly eyes into the vertical and horizontal bars that make the letter E and complete this letter E craft.

Identifying Letter E on Envelopes

The mailman has just opened the mailbox, and surprisingly all the envelopes had letters printed on them. Your job is to look at all the envelopes, find the letter-E envelopes, and answer by coloring them.

Tracing and Writing Uppercase E

The engine is moving at full throttle. Let preschool and kindergarten children be as full of steam as this engine and complete this activity by writing the letter E modeling upon the sample E given on the first line.

Lowercase Letter E

Lowercase E Chart

An edifying experience, this printable chart is chock-a-block with everyday examples of E. While an eagle, egg, envelope, and engine embellish the upper part of the letter E, an eraser and eye adorn the lower part.

Tracing, Writing, and Printing Lowercase E

The eagle, which signifies victory, is a perfect choice to play lead in this pdf. To write the letter E, start below the middle and draw a line across. Go up and around to the bottom, and you are done.

Uppercase and Lowercase E

Writing Uppercase and Lowercase E | Cut and Glue

Be head and shoulders above the rest by answering this printable letter E worksheet! Write the uppercase and lowercase E and enjoy some cut & glue fun by finding the pictures with the letter E.

Painting Letter E with Pom Poms

Explore how pom poms, a great art idea to practice creating letters, propel the letter E learning as preschool and kindergarten children color the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter using pom poms.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter E

Jointly anchoring this letter E coloring and tracing activity is an uppercase and lowercase E. Instruct the keen-to-get-rolling learners to color, trace, and print the big E and the small e.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase E | Cut & Glue

There are two engines, one of which is dedicated to the uppercase E and the other is exclusively open for the lowercase e. Ask children to cut the Es and es and glue them on one of the engines as appropriate.

Cursive E

Writing Cursive Uppercase E

The benefits of cursive instruction span beyond the classroom! Make young learners aware of this and give them preparation in writing the letter E in uppercase cursive in this letter E worksheet pdf.

Writing Cursive Lowercase E

Task preschool and kindergarten students with writing the lowercase e in cursive. Begin the stroke on the middle line making a small loop, going up and around. Next bring the tail of the letter out to the right.

Further Practice for Cursive E

Cursive handwriting is no rocket science! It’s only that the art is perfected by oodles of dedicated practice. This letter E exercise is a champion in practicing cursive E. Write letter E and letter-D words in cursive.

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