Letter U Worksheets

Upgrade children to unparalleled U masters with our printable letter U worksheets. Keep preschool and kindergarten children creatively entertained by giving them access to a treasure trove of letter U crafts, activities, and exercises. Recalibrate how you practice identifying and writing the uppercase U and the lowercase u. Boast tons of fun work that leads to proficiency in writing the large and little U in cursive. Unmistakably, our pdf letter U worksheets and crafts are the ultimate in practicing and perfecting the letter U. Don't miss the free letter U worksheets!

Uppercase Letter U

Letter U Chart | Recognizing Letter U

Perhaps the easiest way for kids to propel their U learning is the word "unicycle". "Unicycle" is only one of the several letter U pictures that have united to give them a unique U experience in this chart, though.

Crafting a Unicorn | Cut and Glue

The unicorn is an imaginary creature that combines beauty and gallantry. No wonder the darling animal gets to be the centerpiece in this letter U craft, where kids cut the parts and glue them to craft the letter U.

Tracing Letter U

Give the little U learners step-by-step instructions on how to trace the letter U. To trace the letter U, they must start at the top, draw a line down, curve, and go back up. There's more tracing practicing on its way.

Crafting Letter U Using Sea Animals

There are as many sea animals as will suffice to make a letter U with. First cut out the sea animals and then glue them on the letter U. Make the most of this letter-U crafting activity, exclusively designed for you.

Identifying Letter U

Put your letter-U umbrella up and be fully protected as you gear up and complete this identifying the letter U worksheet. Color each and every umbrella whose canopy contains the letter U, and ignore the rest.

Tracing and Writing Letter U

Let preschool and kindergarten children add urgency to their letter U practice with this pdf, where they trace and write the letter U. Be sure they follow the directions of tracing U, and do demonstrate the process.

Lowercase Letter U

Lowercase Letter U Chart

The letter U words in this chart include an urn, umbrella, unicycle, and unicorn. Print and display this letter U resource in your study so you can use it as an instant reference for when you feel like learning the letter U.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase U

Enjoy a bit of tracing joy and distraction with this printable tool on tracing the little U. You must start in the middle, go down and around to the bottom, return to the middle, and draw a line down. Simple, isn't it?

Uppercase and Lowercase U

Uppercase and Lowercase U | Cut & Glue

Beaver away at the letter U to such an extent that tracing the uppercase U and the lowercase u will no longer be a strenuous job. From among the five pictures, cut and glue those that start with the letter U, too.

Painting Letter U with Pom Poms

Put your coloring imagination to play as you color the letter U using pom poms. Pinch the pom poms, dip them into the paint, and color the letters. The more flair you color with, the more elegant the U will look.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter U

Watch both the versions of the letter U spring together in action for the first time in this letter U worksheet. Task the budding scholars with coloring, tracing, and printing the letter U, including the uppercase U and the lowercase u.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase U | Cut and Glue

Whip up excitement by showing your skills at distinguishing between the uppercase U and the lowercase u in this letter U worksheet for preschool and kindergarten children. Cut the U cards and glue them as instructed.

Cursive U

Writing Cursive Uppercase U

Research corroborates the connection between the hand and the brain and proves the brain grows faster when children write in cursive, making this exercise on writing uppercase U in cursive all the more important.

Writing Cursive Lowercase U

Happiness is when you are in a different league altogether, and mastering the cursive U is how you got to be there. Trace and practice writing the lowercase U in cursive, and join an elite team of penmen.

Further Practice for Cursive U

If cursive U is what you wish to excel in, this printable resource is the place to be. By the time you complete this pdf, you will have had four times as much cursive practice as the other cursive letter U worksheets.

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