Letter W Worksheets

Our printable letter W worksheets are a wonderland of activities that please with their charm and crafts that amuse with their spontaneous creativity. Say hello to "watermelon", "whistle", and "wand" - all words that start with the letter W. Trace the letter W as regularly and tremendously as would suffice to help transform you into a tracing expert. Identify the uppercase W and the lowercase w, drawing on a wealth of pdf letter W worksheets for preschool and kindergarten children. Grab our free letter W worksheets and practice writing the capital and small W.

Uppercase Letter W

Letter W Chart | Recognizing Letter W

Identify W as the beginning letter in "waves" whose sound you listen to when they crash against the shore. It's also the letter, starting the "wand" that you see magicians wave while performing tricks.

Crafting a Worm | Cut and Glue

Watch how children will be head over heels in love with this letter W craft, where they transform the letter W into a worm. Cut the parts and glue them into the letter. A W-worm is awesome, isn't it?

Tracing Letter W

There are 4 lines that make the letter W. Recapitulate the pattern used to construct the letter V and instruct kids to follow the arrow marks to form the capital W effortlessly.

Crafting Letter W Using Snowflakes

When you complete this letter W craft by cutting out the snowflakes and gluing them on the letter W, the craft will remind you of "W is winter". What a great theme, worthily celebrated in this letter W worksheet!

Identifying Letter W

How many magic wands that you see in this pdf have the letter W? Identify and color the wands with W. Remember, sometimes you make everything all right in letter-W practice by simply waving a wand.

Tracing and Writing Letter W

It's time for preschool and kindergarten children to whistle some letter-W tunes as they work their way through this worksheet. Direct them to keep in mind the instructions of how to trace the letter W and go at it hammer and tongs.

Lowercase Letter W

Lowercase Letter W Chart

The letter W is genuinely multitasking, and this printable chart is proof. Sometimes, it tells the time by forming into a "watch", and other times it helps wash clothes by becoming a washer. Explore this chart for more.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase W

The wheel reminds of how smoothly the letter W can move! The "wheel", a true-blue representative of the letter W, is at the center of this worksheet, where the young learners trace and write the lowercase W.

Uppercase and Lowercase W

Uppercase and Lowercase W | Cut and Glue

A whiz-bang of a worksheet, this letter W worksheet pdf has 3 tasks. Write first the uppercase W and then the lowercase w. Follow it up with a short spell of cutting and gluing pictures with the letter W.

Painting Letter W with Pom Poms

If you give children paint, you'll witness that they not only morph into the most magical versions of themselves in no time, they also easily excel in the task given, as in this letter W coloring activity using pom poms.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter W

The little w is as warm-hearted as its big counterpart. Observe the two Ws, the uppercase W and the lowercase w, at the top of the page, and color them. Trace and print the W and w to complete the worksheet.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase W | Cut and Glue

Let not the gush of W enthusiasm dry up! Have a streak with yet another cut-and-glue activity, where preschool and kindergarten children cut the W cards, sort them into capital and small, and glue accordingly.

Cursive W

Writing Cursive Uppercase W

The cursive W is beautiful to behold, and this is especially true of the uppercase W. Say goodbye to the problems you encounter writing the uppercase W in cursive, with this letter W worksheet.

Writing Cursive Lowercase W

If you have aced writing the lowercase w, it's high time you gave your letter-W mastery a new, much-needed layer by nailing its cursive version. So, go full steam ahead writing the lowercase w in cursive.

Further Practice for Cursive W

The first two lines of this printable tool are writing the uppercase and lowercase W in cursive respectively. Further the cursive practice with three proper nouns starting with W and three words beginning with small w.

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