Letter X Worksheets

Buoyed by fun crafts, our printable letter X worksheets create a spark that feels fresh and compelling. A visually enticing bunch, our letter X pdf exercises for preschool and kindergarten children include writing the letter X and identifying the uppercase and lowercase X. Whether you're gunning for victory in tracing the letter X or writing the letter X in cursive, our letter X worksheets have you covered. Enter into the spirit of painting X using pom poms and disport yourself cutting and gluing pictures with X. The free letter X worksheets will leave you craving for more!

Uppercase Letter X

Letter X Chart | Recognizing Letter X

Watch things play out real quick in this letter X chart. Kick-start your letter X practice with a resource that serves up a good set of words starting with the letter X. Experience the letter X firsthand.

Crafting a Xylophone | Cut and Glue

The wooden bars that make the xylophone are not only flat so hitting them with sticks is easy, they also give the letter X a musical posture when properly cut and glued into it. A brilliant letter X craft!

Tracing Letter X

Practicing tracing is a great study habit that preschool and kindergarten children can develop in order to excel in school. Direct the children to trace the letter X in this letter X worksheet.

Crafting Letter X Using Pom Poms

This letter X worksheet, where we task the little ones with creatively making the letter X using pom poms, is an idyllic resource for the craft-loving preschool and kindergarten children.

Identifying Letter X

Make your Xmas trees more festive this year! Switch things up a bit for a fun holiday refresh, with Xmas trees bearing the letter X. Identify and color the Xmas trees with X, and spark oodles of holiday inspiration.

Tracing and Writing Letter X

Give children lots of reassurance and continue to track their progress tracing and writing the letter X. Let them start from the left and draw a line down to the right and then draw another line from the right to the left.

Lowercase Letter X

Lowercase Letter X Chart

Advance your letter-X aspirations with yet another chart! Identify the pictures, all having names that start with X, exclusively displayed for you. Print the resource so you capture these letter-X images forever.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase X

Share a few fun facts about the x-ray fish so tracing and writing the letter X won't feel monotonous for children. Remind them of the directions on how to trace the letter, and it should be an easy ride.

Uppercase and Lowercase X

Uppercase and Lowercase X | Cut & Glue

Cultivate meaning to your letter X practice by first tracing and writing the capital X and the small x. Delight in the cut-and-glue activity that gets you identifying pictures with letter X by cutting and gluing them as directed.

Painting Letter X with Pom Poms

Call them fun or call them festive, pom poms are a scene-stealer all the way. No wonder then there's tremendous reason for children to rejoice at this activity, which is coloring the letter X using pom poms.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter X

Reignite your passion for learning the letter X by coloring, tracing, and printing the letter. The coloring fun, which includes the uppercase X and the lowercase x, is a novelty. The tracing part is no less alluring, too.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase X | Cut and Glue

Tell the uppercase X apart from the lowercase x. Look at the letter X cards and identify them as capital X and small x. Once you're done with the sorting job, glue each type on the bus, X bus or x bus, where it belongs.

Cursive X

Writing Cursive Uppercase X

If children have access to the correct resources, such as this printable task where they write the uppercase X in cursive, practicing cursive writing won't be complicated at all. So add this to your repertoire.

Writing Cursive Lowercase X

If you have a drive to succeed in cursive writing, get started by answering this worksheet. As you write the lowercase x in cursive as many times as can fit in this sheet, a cursive beauty will shine through.

Further Practice on Cursive X

This printable letter X worksheet, an elaborate 4-tier celebration of cursive X, for preschool and kindergarten children reveals the cursive potential of the letter X in a big way. So don't miss this pdf.

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