Letter Y Worksheets

Yahoo! Our printable letter Y worksheets are here! Yes, get preschool and kindergarten children screaming and yelling for splendid letter Y crafts, exquisite letter Y activities, and stunning letter Y exercises. Full to the gills with promising letter Y ideas, our letter Y worksheet pdfs run the whole gamut of letter Y activities, including identifying the letter Y, writing the uppercase Y and the lowercase y, writing the letter Y in cursive, and crafting the letter Y. Watch kids give in to the charm of and complete our free letter Y worksheets with flair!

Uppercase Letter Y

Letter Y Chart | Recognizing Letter Y

Eat lots of yogurt, for it's high in protein. It's a letter Y word, too. Dream of cruising on a yacht someday. Remember "yacht" starts with a Y, too. This letter Y chart has many exciting pictures and their letter-Y names.

Crafting a Yak | Cut and Glue

If you have a fascination for crafting letters, this letter Y activity might capture your imagination. The task is to cut out the several parts on the following page and glue them on the letter Y to complete the Y craft.

Tracing Letter Y

Ask children to observe the Y at the top left of the page, honing in on the arrows, marked 1, 2, and 3 as they trace the letter Y. As beautiful as the yacht is, don't let it distract attention from the tracing act.

Lacing Letter Y

Here's a printable Y activity to boost preschool and kindergarten children's fine motor skills. Direct them to do the hole punching and the lacing. Tie a knot in one end of the shoe lace, and they are ready to go.

Identifying Letter Y

Yo-yos, toys containing a circle-shaped object that will go up and down a long piece of string it is tied to, are simply stunning. More stunning, though, is this worksheet on identifying and coloring yo-yos that consist of a letter Y.

Tracing and Writing Letter Y

While a yak may be found in Central Asia, the word "yak" has a universal appeal for its letter-Y learning cachet. The stocky, long-haired wild ox in this tracing and writing the letter Y pdf is enormous.

Lowercase Letter Y

Lowercase Letter Y Chart

The infectious sense of wonder that surrounds the "yarn" and "yam", both letter Y words, will soon spread to the rest of the words/pictures, too. Watch the letter-Y excitement come thicker and faster.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase Y

Since handwriting enjoys paramount importance in literacy and is a crucial skill that leads to success in life, children must be trained on tracing, hence this task on tracing and writing the lowercase y.

Uppercase and Lowercase Y

Uppercase and Lowercase Y | Cut & Glue

Flip between the learning in writing the letter Y and the pleasure of cutting and gluing pictures that start with the letter Y in this letter Y resource, exclusively prepared for preschool and kindergarten children.

Painting Letter Y with Pom Poms

For some children, coloring is a simple pastime, but for some it's nothing short of a devotional act. Whichever category you belong to, you will have a great time painting the letter Y using pom poms.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter Y

Say yes to this letter Y worksheet, where you are asked to color, trace, and print the letter Y. First up is coloring the two Ys- the uppercase Y and the lowercase y. Go on to do the tracing and printing.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase Y | Cut and Glue

Clamoring for your attention in this letter Y worksheet pdf are four capital Y cards and four small Y cards. Identify the uppercase Ys and the lowercase ys, and glue them according to the instruction given.

Cursive Y

Writing Cursive Uppercase Y

Cursive handwriting works like magic for children who encounter difficulties in spelling and struggle while decoding writing patterns. So instruct learners to start practicing writing the uppercase Y in cursive.

Writing Cursive Lowercase Y

It is astonishing to see how the uninterrupted movements of the hand make cursive letters easier for children to form. Our worksheet on writing the lowercase y in cursive encourages kids to go cursive early.

Further Practice on Cursive Y

The reason why this printable letter Y worksheet for preschool and kindergarten children is teeming with cursive practice is, hands down, the constantly increasing importance of cursive writing at school and in life.

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