Reflexive Pronouns Worksheets

Bounce from good to great little pronoun scholars with our printable reflexive pronouns worksheets with answers for grade 2 and grade 3! If you're wondering what reflexive pronouns are, they're words ending with self or selves, such as "himself" and "herself", that make referring back to the subject of a sentence or clause easy. With exercises like identifying reflexive pronouns in sentences, completing sentences with suitable reflexive pronouns, our worksheets on reflexive pronouns are a compulsive-print. Let children anchor every pronoun scene they're in with our free reflexive pronouns worksheets pdfs!

Coloring Reflexive Pronouns

Grade 3 kids prove they're not pronoun upstarts by finding reflexive pronouns amidst a huge ensemble of words! Scout out the reflexive pronouns and color them as directed.

Matching Personal Pronouns to Reflexive Pronouns

Watch kids put their reflexive-pronoun expertise in charge as they match each personal pronoun to its corresponding reflexive pronoun in this part of our printable reflexive pronouns worksheets!

Circling Reflexive Pronouns in Sentences

Propel the pronoun aspirations of children in 2nd grade with this reflexive pronoun practice worksheet! They are asked to read a set of sentences and identify the reflexive pronouns, words ending with "self" or "selves", in them.

Choosing Correct Reflexive Pronouns to Complete Sentences

Continue to explore the untapped wealth of pronouns with this part of our printable reflexive pronouns worksheets, where 3rd grade kids check the correct reflexive pronoun that helps complete each sentence.

Fill in the Blanks with Correct Reflexive Pronouns

Gift the pronoun-captivated children with all the range, nuance, and adaptability that reflexive pronouns are rich with! Kids use a suitable reflexive pronoun of their own choice and complete each sentence.

Cut and Glue the Reflexive Pronouns

Happiness is when children realize they actually quite enjoy spending time with reflexive pronouns! In this reflexive pronoun exercise pdf, cut each reflexive pronoun and glue it appropriately to complete the sentence.

Completing Sentences with Reflexive Pronouns

Make this practice worksheet click for the ambitious pronoun-learners in grade 2! Complete each sentence with an appropriate reflexive pronoun from the box. Use "yourself" in an imperative sentence.

Identifying Reflexive Pronouns and Nouns/Pronouns

Every reflexive pronoun has a noun/pronoun that it proudly relates to! Underline the reflexive pronoun and indicate the noun it refers to by directing an arrow to it. Watch how kids cope with the challenge!